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Capability Support provides personalised and professional supports to people living in the Community to live their life the way they choose. Capability values diversity of opinion and is dedicated to client-centric, automated and simple support solutions.


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Capability Support - Established 2023

Capability Support was established with the simple ethos:

We can do better for the community, through providing personalised, flexible, professional and easy-to-access supports.

Capability’s Directors, Managers and Frontline Staff have extensive experience in providing services to people and are dedicated to giving back to the Canberra Community.

Vision & Values

Capability Support has a simple vision which was born out of professional experience in the community sector. More Support, Less Admin Capability Support has a core set of beliefs and values that guide our strategic vision and direction as an organisation:

We provide solutions

We are personalised, professional, flexible and adaptable

We create easy-to-access services to empower people to choose the way they want to be supported

Quality is everything

You do you

Everything that we do is focused on the Client

Capability Support Board of Directors

Capability is governed by a Board of Directors that are both Executive and independent. Capability is bound by a constitution and is a company limited by shares.

Capability’s Executive Board of Directors have extensive experience in:

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Capability values diversity of opinion and is dedicated to client-centric, automated and simple support solutions.

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To ensure we have the best team and are constantly improving, we ensure staff meet specific pre-screening requirements such as appropriate qualifications, pass comprehensive background checks, and extensive training and supervision in their roles. Capability has a very firm Supervision Framework to empower and develop Staff Members to deliver high-quality support services. All Staff Members have customised supervision and individual development plans to ensure continuous improvement at Capability.

Every Capability Support staff member undertakes an extensive induction session with the Directors and Management, guiding the importance of our core values and missions and setting clear expectations.


Capability’s team have extensive industry experience in Community Services. Their collective experience inspired the beginning of Capability Support with the fundamental ethos that we can do better for the community.