Family Support Services

Capability Support offers collaborative services with ACT & NSW Government, aiding children, youth, and families in need of safe engagement.

Our Family Support Services

Capability’s suite of Family Support Services are backed by Capability’s Quality Framework, as well as evidence-based therapeutic frameworks.

Capability’s Clinical Team and Family Support Services team work together on a range of innovative programs, designed to support Children, Young People and their Families.

Therapeutic Contact and Transport

Capability provides Therapeutic Contact and Transport for Children, Young People and their families to support and encourage engagement in appropriate activities in a therapeutic space provided by Capability or in the community.

All Staff Members are trained, qualified and skilled to foster a therapeutic environment for Contact Sessions.

Our Staff Members also provide transport services in a safe and therapeutic manner for Children and Young People.

Residential Services

Capability provides Residential-type Services to Children and Young People who are temporarily unable to live with another carer.

Children who are in Residential Care receive services in homes provided by Capability, suited to their specific requirements, with highly skilled staff members, working to a set of trauma-informed and evidence-based principles.

Managing Risk

Safety is the number one priority at Capability Support, and we take appropriate mitigating actions to all identified risks in collaboration with all stakeholders that are involved in the Child or Young Person’s life. 

Appropriate Risk Mitigation plans are put in place for all Children and Young People to mitigate ongoing risks, including the risk of further harm.

Staff Training

Our staff are trained in trauma-informed principles and care, appropriate risk management techniques, de-escalation techniques, report writing, and even Car Seat installation.

Staff members are provided external clinical supervision, professional development and ongoing training to continue to develop their skills in delivering high-quality support services and out-of-home care to Children, Young People and their families.
Staff members conducting Therapeutic Contact sessions are trained in report writing, trauma-informed principles and safe and therapeutic interventions appropriate for families.

All Staff working at Capability have individual supervision plans and individual development plans – designed to assist them to continue their personal development and growth, whilst troubleshooting any issues while working with our Children and Young People.

Cultural Awareness and Culturally Safe Support

It is important to Capability Support that children, young people, families and staff members who have culturally relevant requirements are safe in these environments. Capability’s spaces have culturally appropriate artwork and décor. Capability’s staff members possess Cultural Awareness and Culturally Safe Supports training. Upon intake, Cultural requirements are treated as a high priority and form the overarching guidelines for the Support Plan. Cultural plans are requested at the time of intake.

About Capability

More Support – Less Admin

Capability’ team have extensive experience within the Community services sector and have seen what works and what doesn’t work. It was from these previous experiences and their personal beliefs of delivering higher quality support that Capability was founded on the basis of more support – less admin.

Capability prides itself in delivering personalised support that accommodates the client’s wishes and requirements and having highly qualified, confident staff to deliver these services, all with the clear goal: to support families. Staff members are afforded appropriate levels of internal and external supervision, training and development to create accountability and continue developing to reach the organisation’s goal. 

Family Support FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers about our family support services


Capability’s family services are highly accessible and can be adjusted to clients’ needs and preferences. Capability staff receive personalised training in supporting clients with diverse needs and also undertake further client-specific training as required. These trainings allow Capability to offer accommodations and adjustments to all services provided to ensure they meet all requirements, are accessible and are client-specific.


Capability was founded on the ethos that we want to do better for our clients. To ensure Capability is delivering this, we have developed extensive training programs that all staff can access online and in-person, have a highly supportive management team with extensive supervision available and have created a streamlined, automated system. 

Our training system provides staff access to thousands of trainings at their fingertips and ensures that capability staff are highly trained and competent when delivering support to clients. 

Our multi-layered management team means there is always someone available to staff and clients and provides further opportunities for supervision and professional growth. Our education programs’ automated support systems significantly reduce our admin time and processing time, allowing us to focus on what matters: clients.


Safety is our top priority at Capability Support. We collaborate with all stakeholders to identify and mitigate risks appropriately. Our staff are trained in trauma-informed principles, risk management techniques, de-escalation techniques, and even car seat installation to ensure the safety of Children, Young People, and their families.


Capability’s family services and support programs emphasise cultural safety and inclusivity. Our therapeutic spaces are designed to be culturally relevant, featuring appropriate artwork and décor.

Our staff members undergo Cultural Awareness and Culturally Safe Supports training. Cultural requirements are given high priority and form the basis of the Support Plan, with cultural plans requested at the time of intake to ensure a culturally safe environment for children, young people, families, and staff members.


Capability takes a multi-faceted approach to supporting family well-being. We provide personalised and empathetic family services, therapeutic contact spaces, and safe transportation options. Our staff is trained in trauma-informed care and risk management, ensuring a secure environment for families. Additionally, we strongly emphasise cultural safety, respecting and accommodating diverse cultural backgrounds.

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Read more about our Supervision Framework

To ensure we have the best team and are constantly improving, we ensure staff meet specific pre-screening requirements such as appropriate qualifications, pass comprehensive background checks, and extensive training and supervision in their roles. Capability has a very firm Supervision Framework to empower and develop Staff Members to deliver high-quality support services. All Staff Members have customised supervision and individual development plans to ensure continuous improvement at Capability.

Every Capability Support staff member undertakes an extensive induction session with the Directors and Management, guiding the importance of our core values and missions and setting clear expectations.


Capability’s team have extensive industry experience in Community Services. Their collective experience inspired the beginning of Capability Support with the fundamental ethos that we can do better for the community.