NDIS Services

Capability Support provides personalised and professional supports to people living in the Community to live their life the way they choose. Capability values diversity of opinion and is dedicated to client-centric, automated and simple support solutions.

Our NDIS Support Services

Creating, implementing, and refining support services with Capability Support involves crucial steps that lay the foundation for a successful and person-centric operation for NDIS support services.

1. Conducting Intake Meetings

In the initial stages, we will conduct intake meetings with all relevant persons, stakeholders, and the Care Team, where applicable. These conversations help identify service users’ needs and expectations.

2. Determining Staffing Ratios

Collaborating with the Care Team to establish appropriate staffing ratios, levels, and capacities, ensuring that each client’s needs are effectively met.

3. Workforce Matching and Training

We carefully match our skilled workforce to ensure the best fit for service users and provide additional training to equip staff with the necessary skills and knowledge for delivering high-quality support services.

4. Developing Support Plans

We create individualised support plans, risk assessments, and objectives in close cooperation with all relevant parties. These comprehensive plans form the foundation for delivering personalised, safe, and effective support services.

5. Implementing or Transitioning to Services

The fifth step involves the implementation or transition to Capability Support services. This process is carefully managed to ensure a smooth transition and commencement of our care and support services.

6. Regular Review of Services

Maintaining an ongoing review process by consistently gathering input from all stakeholders. This feedback loop helps identify areas for improvement and allows us to refine our service delivery process for continued excellence.

NDIS Forms

Access essential NDIS forms below:

Supported Living Referral Form

ADL's / Community Participation Referral Form

Capability Support - Established 2023

Capability Support was established with the simple ethos:

We can do better for the community, through providing personalised, flexible, professional and easy-to-access supports.

Capability’s Directors, Managers and Frontline Staff have extensive experience in providing services to people and are dedicated to giving back to the Canberra Community.

Our Vision

At Capability, we take immense pride in our distinctive approach to providing NDIS Support Services. Guided by our vision of “More Support, Less Admin” we are dedicated to delivering exceptional, client-centred support while minimising administrative complexities. This approach sets us apart in the NDIS support landscape, ensuring our clients receive the utmost care and attention.

Capability's NDIS Workforce

All Capability Clients have individualised plans designed around their specific requirements and input into designing the services they will receive.

Capability’s NDIS workforce is highly skilled, trained and matched specifically to client requirements. Our organisational structure sets support and guidance at the forefront. Our robust policies are governed by our commitment to “more support, less admin”. We have implemented an automated system that streamlines administrative and processing procedures, enabling our staff to focus on what truly matters.

Capability Support collaborates with partner organisations like the Australian Childhood Trauma Group. Together, we offer flexible ongoing therapeutic services and reflective practices that benefit both staff development and therapeutic support for our clients at Capability.

How Capability Support Helps You

Capability Support provides personalised and professional support to people living in the community, empowering them to lead a life as they choose. One of our values is that we strongly encourage  “You do you”. We focus on a client-centred approach supported by additional supervision and training.

Capability listens to you, your needs and your care team. We understand that all people will have diversity of opinion, and we respect and value this to build individualised Support Plans that suit you. 

Our Commitment to Client-Centred Support

At Capability, we provide personalised and client-centred support that perfectly aligns with individual needs. We believe in crafting service plans that reflect each client’s unique requirements rather than using a standardised approach.

At Capability Support, we believe that more support and less admin can be achieved by providing personalised, flexible, professional, and easily accessible support. This ethos guides our dedication to delivering tailored support aligned with all clients’ unique wishes and requirements.

Our NDIS Service FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers about our NDIS Support Services


At Capability, we deliver personalised NDIS Support Services designed to match your individual needs and lifestyle. Our services encompass promoting independence and inclusion, assisting with daily life tasks, offering Independent Living Options (ILO) and Supported Independent Living (SIL), and facilitating social and community participation.

Our commitment to your unique needs ensures that our NDIS Support Services create a customised and nurturing environment, guaranteeing you receive the highest level of support services and care.


Restrictive practices refer to any interventions or actions that limit a person with a disability’s rights or freedom of movement. These practices are often used to manage challenging behaviours but should only be implemented as a last resort and in accordance with legal and ethical standards.


We offer a range of behaviour support services, including:

  • Development of interim behaviour support plans in cases where restrictive practices are in use.
  • Creation of comprehensive positive behaviour support plans tailored to the individual’s needs.
  • Implementation of behaviour support plans, along with training for staff, support team, family members, and caregivers.
  • Ongoing data analysis and a commitment to reducing or eliminating the use of restrictive practices.

Our behaviour support practitioners are trained professionals who specialise in providing Positive Behavior Support (PBS) services to individuals, including those under the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) who require such support. They work to develop and implement personalised behaviour support plans, train informal supports and formal supports (Staff Members), and ensure that the individual’s needs are met and rights are respected throughout the process.


We manage challenging behaviours through a client-centred, ethical, and evidence-based approach. Our practitioners focus on understanding the underlying causes of challenging behaviours and work to develop positive strategies that promote positive alternatives while minimising the use of restrictive practices. We also emphasise the importance of involving the client in the process and consider input from their family and community support.


Working with our positive behaviour support practitioners can lead to several positive outcomes, including:

  • Improved quality of life for the individual.
  • Improved relationships.
  • Reduction or elimination of challenging behaviours.
  • Enhanced respect for the individual’s rights and freedom.
  • Increased independence and participation.
  • Ethical and legally compliant behaviour support plans.
  • Ongoing behavioural assessment and improvement of behaviour support strategies.

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Capability values diversity of opinion and is dedicated to client-centric, automated and simple support solutions.

Read more about our Supervision Framework

To ensure we have the best team and are constantly improving, we ensure staff meet specific pre-screening requirements such as appropriate qualifications, pass comprehensive background checks, and extensive training and supervision in their roles. Capability has a very firm Supervision Framework to empower and develop Staff Members to deliver high-quality support services. All Staff Members have customised supervision and individual development plans to ensure continuous improvement at Capability.

Every Capability Support staff member undertakes an extensive induction session with the Directors and Management, guiding the importance of our core values and missions and setting clear expectations.


Capability’s team have extensive industry experience in Community Services. Their collective experience inspired the beginning of Capability Support with the fundamental ethos that we can do better for the community.